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The HomePlace Collection provides a variety of structures that add comfort, enjoyment and function to properties nationwide, accenting homes, parks, businesses, and gardens. We customize products for discriminating buyers across the United States, shipping from our base among the Amish of Lancaster County, PA.


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Our promise of excellence

High Quality GuaranteedI proudly bring you the HomePlace Collection Рinitially started as a family business with a history of woodworking that goes back many generations Рnow a part of Suncast. Although we are a nationwide retailer of fine-quality outdoor products, we have not forgotten our heritage. We promise to continue the legacy started many years ago Рa legacy of quality, integrity, honest business dealings, and value.

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Carl Smucker

We are sure that you will find us helpful, friendly, and easy to deal with. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to help you enhance your homeplace.

Carl Smucker

Carl Smucker





Unsurpassed quality and craftmanship

Nestled in the rolling hills of southeastern Pennsylvania lives a quiet community of people. These folks, known to the outside world as the Amish, have been building family heirlooms for over two centuries. The Amish, a deeply religious sect, are known world wide for their old-world craftsmanship. They drive horse and buggies, and refrain from many “worldly trappings” such as electricity, telephones, and automobiles.

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