Amish Construction



Quality Amish Construction

Nestled in the rolling hills of southeastern Pennsylvania lives a quiet community of people. These folks, known to the outside world as “the Amish”, have been building family heirlooms for over two centuries. The Amish, a deeply religious sect, are known world wide for their old-world craftsmanship. They drive horse and buggies and refrain from many “worldly trappings” such as electricity, telephones, and automobiles.

Only the best.

The HomePlace Collection of products is built by a carefully selected group of local Amish craftsmen.  Among the hundreds that we could work with, we only feature products from those that best meet our stringent requirements:

  • Painstaking attention to quality
  • Design innovation
  • Timeliness of production
  • Efficient, cost effective operations
  • Great value

Since the Amish ways tend to support many small businesses, rather than the development of large conglomerates, the typical Amish manufacturer specializes in one type of building.  Our way of doing business is a great benefit to our customers, since the manufacturers’ dedicated focus is on their specialty – each designing and building excellent gazebos or playhouses or other structures. HomePlace can adapt its product offering very easily, without needing to pass on new overhead costs when adding products.


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