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We ship everywhere in the U.S.

Our products are built by Amish Craftsmen here in Lancaster County, PA. Upon completion, they are shipped throughout the continental United States using one of the methods described below. Delivery charges vary and are determined by the method of delivery, the size of the unit and the distance our crew must travel to deliver. Our Logistics staff and drivers communicate with you throughout the delivery process and give you clear delivery expectations as well as delivery time-frames.

Modular Kits:

The modular kit delivery is generally one of the most cost-effective methods of delivery. This kit is built as modular sections in our shop. These modular sections are then stacked on a single large skid and tightly shrink-wrapped with a very thick, heavy plastic material typically used to winterize boats. Kit assembly time varies and depends upon the size and complexity of the unit, experience of the assembly crew, as well as the tools being used to assemble the unit. HomePlace Structures recommends that at least one person on the assembly crew have significant carpentry experience, and we also recommend the use of air tools for the assembly.


delivery process


Pre-Cut Kits:



Pre-cut kits provide the parts you need, ready for assembly, and packaged in the most efficient way possible. All the lumber is pre-cut, but not pre-assembled as is the case with the modular units. These kits deliver as a compact package on a pallet that is approximately 4 ft. x 8 ft., depending on the product. The materials and hardware needed to complete the framing and exterior of your project are provided, with a few exceptions. These units are built as stock units, so you may need to supply your own shingles and paint as well as specialty items such as garage doors. The pre-cut kit is our least “finished” kit and requires the most amount of carpentry experience to install after it arrives on your site. We recommend that at least one person involved with your project have extensive carpentry experience, and we also recommend the use of air tools for the assembly.

Assembled Units:



If your delivery site is accessible, depending on your location and the size of your building, our drivers can in most cases bring your unit fully assembled and ready for your use. Using specialized equipment, our drivers can place your unit exactly where you want it.*

*Please note that fully-assembled deliveries may not be possible for all units, or cost effective because of unit size, accessibility, or distance from our manufacturing location. In some cases a crane may be used to deliver a fully-assembled unit to a site that is not otherwise accessible. In these instances, arranging for a crane is the responsibility of the customer, and HomePlace Structures is not responsible for the equipment or its operation.

Delivery and On-Site Assembly:



Assembly crews travel up and down the east coast, as well as into some of the midwestern states to install our products. These units are shipped as either pre-cut or modular kits and are then assembled by our delivery crew after they arrive on site. Our crews have tremendous experience installing our products. This fact gives our customers great satisfaction in knowing that their unit will be installed correctly and in the least amount of time on site. Your Design Consultant will quote rates based on size of the project and the distance from our shop. You are responsible to acquire all relevant permits as required by your township or city before the date of the site build. You are also responsible for all site preparation work, which also needs to be completed before the date of the assembly.

Assembly Manuals:

Detailed assembly manuals are available for all products that we sell as kits. These manuals contain step by step instructions and are supported by up-close, clear pictures. Our knowledgeable and helpful staff is also available via telephone to answer any questions you may have while assembling your product.

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