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How can we serve you?

Do you prefer talking with knowledgeable staff members? Then 866-768-8465 is the number for you. Or do you like to explore the pages of a web site at your own pace? You’re already doing it – have fun! No matter your preferred communication style, you can get the information you need – helping you decide which of our products is right for you.

Many of our customers go through a decision process in the order listed below; however, you may have a different style. Feel free to browse our web site, or call our design consultants to have them guide you.




Typical Decision Process:

  1. Choose product category
  2. Select your style or shape (e.g. octagonal gazebo, Backyard Cottage playhouse)
  3. Confirm the standard design features; determine what options or upgrades are right for you
  4. Evaluate pricing (our design consultants will create a price quote specific to you)
  5. Place order with design consultant

HomePlace FactorySteps 1 through 4 can be done several ways: on the phone, on the web, or through email. Note that many of the product pictures on this site identify options; these are listed to serve as a guide, not a comprehensive list. Give us a call or send an email when you’re ready to order.

Step 5 - Our consultants will help you confirm exactly what you’re getting, the exact cost, and length of time it will take for your order to arrive at your home. You’ll be sent an order confirmation, have an opportunity to make changes, and get written confirmation of your order after is it placed.  You will also need to consider delivery and assembly options, which may influence your order.



Employee Tips/Advice:

Carl Smucker

Carl Smucker

Advice – Over the years there have been many of our customers who, after they had their building for a year or two, wished that they had purchased a larger size. There are so many practical uses for our buildings – don’t buy too small!