HomePlace History


I proudly bring you Suncast’s HomePlace collection.

Founder’s Statement (promise of excellence): I proudly bring you Suncast’s HomePlace Collection – a family business with a history of woodworking that goes back many generations. Although we are one of the leading national suppliers of fine-quality outdoor products, we have not forgotten our heritage. We promise to continue the legacy started many years ago – a legacy of quality, integrity, honest business dealings, and value.


My father, who was my hero and mentor, spent much of his life as an Amish craftsman. Although he passed away in 1983, my mother and many of my Amish relatives keep me connected to a simpler, quieter way of life.


The HomePlace Collection by Suncast was born out of the warm memories that I have of the home where I spent my childhood days. As the youngest of eight children, I was taught early on the meaning of hard work and the need to build quality into everything I do. We are sure that you will find us helpful, friendly, and easy to deal with. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to help you enhance your homeplace.

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