Selecting a Building





How do I choose a building?

“There are so many choices; how do I decide?” Don’t worry; we can help you find the choice that is right for your site and use – on the phone and/or on this web site.  Some of your main decisions will include the following:

  • Length and width of building
  • Type/color of siding
  • Type/color of shingles
  • Optional features
  • How much to spend


The construction of larger buildings introduces design considerations such as framing and fastening systems. Our experience with specific engineering needs is a benefit to you, and our Design Consultants will work with you to understand and make sure your needs are addressed.


We recognize that buildings are often chosen for their practical storage capacity and for their character – for the aesthetic value they add to the setting in which they are installed.  You may also want to explore HomePlace playhouse or gazebo models, since they may match your desires even more than these enclosed buildings.


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