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Pool House
An elegant pool or waterside building
Pool House
An elegant pool or waterside building


Pacifica Pool House

Pacifica Pool House

This charming building is designed for strength and function

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About Our Quality Pool Houses

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Our Pool Houses are engineered for strength and function, and designed with the most discriminating customer in mind. The uses for our beautiful buildings are nearly limitless.


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Community Series

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Are you responsible for commercial projects? We have experience and products that match a wide range of needs. A good starting point is to visit our Commercial Customers page to view pictures, read about other projects we’ve done, and to gather information specific to your needs as a buyer for a commercial project.

What Our Customers Say

HomePlace Customer Testimonials - Pool houses

We received the play set Friday evening and have put it 90% together working as a 3 person team over about 8 total hrs. The instructions were clear and easy and it went pretty smoothly. It is even better quality and more beautiful than the pictures! Thank you for the “wonderland”, the whole family enjoys it! — Judith C., New Orleans, Louisiana

Our Quality Guarantee

HomePlace Quality Guaranteed

The HomePlace heritage includes close relationships with the Amish who build our custom products — with their traditions of quality construction and fair business practices.

Our products are backed by guarantees including the following ones for materials:
40-year guarantee on the wood components
30-year guarantee on asphalt shingles
25-year guarantee on poly decking

Choosing your Building

Most customers will find themselves drawn to a particular style of Garden Building based on size and appearance factors. The custom Garden Buildings — Garden Chalet, Studio, and Bungalow — are available in numerous sizes, and configured, painted and shingled for your specific requirements.

The Benchmark Series Garden Buildings come in specific popular sizes, and are quickly shipped as pre-cut kits in very efficiently sized packages. Since they are built in stock quantities, their prices are lower than custom units.  However, they don’t have the numbers of options or size variations.